Club Makers

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Imagine tomorrow’s Club Med

The Club Med has had a simple idea to keep on innovating and offering a quality service to its clients : give them the opportunity to collaborate with the brand to create tomorrow’s Club Med.

It’s from this idea that the choice of a collaborative platform has been made and that Spin started to work on it !

A few weeks later, Club Makers was live !

The users can now post their suggestions on the website in order to make the Club Med evolve. The ideas are then submitted to the other users. If an idea is popular enough and accepted by the Club Makers team, the internet user will become the happy sponsor of his project, with a surprise to win.

Club Makers : A collaborative platform opened to all !


The principle of the platform is to share one’s opinion on all the themes that can make a stay even more pleasant, in order to co-create the ideal Club Med. Sport, gastronomy, well-being, animation or sustainable development, all themes can be proposed.

Club Med and Spin Interactive work together since the launch of the platform to make it evolve functionally, technically but also in its basic system, just to bring new features on the website.

Since the last update, the users can instantly post comments without any restriction an can send their ideas on the platform.

They can now vote for several projects, like the comments from the other Club Makers, which makes the experience even more collaborative.

Whether you are a customer or not, do not hesitate to come and test the platform by proposing an idea or by voting for your favorite projects.

With this ever-evolving platform, Spin enables Club Med to deliver a new, customer-centric experience, creating a connected and participative community.