Et Si Ca M’arrivait ?

  • Comprehensive campaign
  • Health, Social media, Gaming
  • General public, women
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Et si ça m’arrivait ? (=what if it happened to me ?), a full digital campaign to inform women on emergency contraception.

In 2011 Spin Interactive imagined, in collaboration with the HRA Pharma laboratory, a viral campaign « J’ai couché avec Super Moche » (= I slept with Mister Ugly) (watch the videos) redirecting to a fully informative website about contraception : « Et Si Ca M’Arrivait ».

In 2014, we offered HRA Pharma to redesign the website to match the current design standards and for the mobile use. So we imagined a new design that is more welcoming and closer to our core target which is usually stressed. The website offers scalable informations on sexuality and contraception.

Since 2014, we have also been leading the associated social media strategy. Thus, we are animating, on a daily basis, the brand’s different pages : Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The editorial line has also been rethought to offer varied topics linked to women’s sexuality.

In 2015, we completed the strategy and chose to take advantage of the mobile use by offering an off the wall and funny app in order to raise awareness of those issues among the young public. : Capote Riposte.

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