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Elsa : the emergency contraception chatbot

We have been taking care of the ‘Et Si Ca M’Arrivait’ website for now several years.
We made the following observation: the users go on the “morning-after pill” page on weekends. Thus, we have developed a chatbot on Messenger which is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The chatbot is able to answer to women who have questions about emergency contraception. The main objective is to reassure stressed users by creating a conversation and by facilitating the drive to store (pharmacies and family planning) to take the morning-after pill.

We worked on the chatbot structure (design, writing, graphic design) but also on the technical setting through the platform “Dialogflow” proposed by Google. The chatbot is accessible via a button ‘Et Si Ca M’Arrivait’ homepage and on the corresponding Facebook page! Do not hesitate to come and test it!