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  • Data flow synchronization/desynchronization, refining system, progressive loading
  • General public, professionnals from the media and press sectors
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All the buzzing news easily reachable via your mobile device

There are a mess of information sources. The more they are, the more it is hard to sort them and get the big trends and news that make the buzz on the web. Inspirited by the users’ online press habits, Spin Interactive imagined the Top Articles app.

Top Articles gathers the news flow of the biggest press websites (Le Huffington Post, Le Monde, TV5Monde, L’Express, Libération, Le Parisien, Le Figaro or 20 Minutes). Thanks to an accurate algorithm, Top Articles displays a ranking of the 50 articles the most shared on the social networks. The user can select the sources and the periodicity in order to have an overview on the noteworthy event from the last 24 hours, week, month or even year.

With a simple clic, users can read an article directly on the source website and share it on the social networks or by mail without leaving the app.

Scalable, users can submit new sources of news to enhance the ranking. A new version of the app, integrating more sources and thematic rankings, is being studied.

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