• iOS and Androïd app
  • Geolocation / Google Maps

TUP is an Android and iOS app allowing users to find a condom or a screening center near them.

We noticed that finding a condom when you need it, is not always easy. The idea of TUP is born from this observation. So, in 2012, we directly proposed the concept to the MSD Laboratory which is highly involved in the struggle against H.I.V. The pharmaceutical laboratory was immediately appealed by the project and brought its expertise allowing TUP to evolve into an educational tool for AIDS prevention. Backed by this collaboration, a third partner joined Spin Interactive and MSD : HF Prévention, a public health organization specialized in the STI prevention and screening for the gay and lesbian circles. It made its contribution by adding the screening part of the app.

After several months of study and common thoughts among the three stakeholder, TUP was born in 2014. Based on the geolocation technology, the app allows users to find, wherever they are, condom distribution points or screening center whatever they are fixed or mobile. Plus, detailed description cards give all the necessary informations to get there.

The app’s advantage : its collaborative feature. Users can cooperate and fight against AIDS by adding unlisted sales points in the app.

TUP also provides practical advices and use instructions that answer at anytime all the interrogations any user might have.

TUP was downloaded more than 53 000 times on the official stores and was rewarded by 6 mobile health awards.

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