TV5MONDE – Social TV

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An aggregation of video flow tool allowing to share videos on the social networks.

We worked with the TV5MONDE teams for more than 2 years in order to design, produce and optimise a reliable tool that allow them to take advantage of all their videos on the social networks. TV5MONDE’s social TV was born from this work.

The tool, available for TV5MONDE’s internal teams, allows to collect all of the video flows of the TV station, everywhere in the world, in order to use them. Beyond the simple creation of web encoded videos, the tool allows TV5MONDE to create a thematic social channels available on Facebook.

Nowadays, more than 30 channels have been created thanks to the tool. Since 2013, TV5MONDE offers their partners an extension of the service so they can freely use videos related to them and broadcasted on the station. Dozens of partners, including public institutions and artists (Axelle Red, Patricia Kaas, Sanseverino, Rachid Taha, Rokia Traoré, …) already use the service for their Facebook page.